Digital Literacy

This week I spent some time reading articles and learning more about digital literacy. I realized that as digital literacy continues to grow, we will have more access to information. This means that it is important to be aware of the fact that all of the information online may not be true or credible. With that being said, it is also easy to spread information that may be false. Rheinghold (2012) talks about how we should use our attention to filter the noise and focus on small relevant information. I know that is something that I have been taught by a few of my professors in the past. I have learned how to do research and look for information that is credible. Another thing Rheingold(2012)talks about is detecting false information and how it is important to train ourselves to identify information that may be false. I know that if we don’t take the time to assure that the information is credible, we could be spreading information that is false, which is problematic.

The concept that struck me the most in this class was when we learned about digital detox. I think this is a concept that is so applicable in my life right now as I am constantly looking at my phone. I need to do a better job of reducing my time using technology. Moderation is so important and I need to remind myself that it is okay to use technology, but should avoid it becoming an addiction. I do think this information will influence me as I move forward because I want to reduce the time I am on my phone and be more present in the moment that I am with people. I know I waste too much time on my phone and I plan on being smarter with the amount of time I am on it.

After this course ends I will continue to build on my literacy skills by continuing to use the internet as a source. When I do look things up online I will check multiple sources to assure that the information is credible. This summer I will be learning more about technology by taking a course to improve my digital literacy skills. This class was very informative and was very helpful for my future.



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Arianna Delmoral

Student-Athlete at the University of Minnesota majoring Business and Marketing Education